Left Coast Volleyball Club competes in SCVA hosted local tournaments and  invitational tournaments. Additional travel tournaments are optional. Tournaments can begin in the morning (first match begins at 8:00am) or the afternoon  (first match beings at 2:00pm. We ask that all players arrive on their court 1 hour before the first game. 

Tournament Schedule

For an up to date list of the SCVA schedule, please visit the SCVA website

Girls Tournaments

SCVA Junior National Qualifier

Junior Nationals

Boys Tournaments

Boy's Holiday Classic

Junior National Qualifer

Junior Nationals

Court Assignments

Find out where you are playing and who you are playing against:

Click here for Advanced Event Systems (AES) This is where you can go to look up results from large tournaments

Pool Play Schedule

Below is the pool schedule based on how many teams are in your pool:

3 team pool

1 vs 3 team 2 refs
2 vs 3 team 1 refs
1 vs 2 team 3 refs

4 team pool

1 vs 3 team 2 refs
2 vs 4 team 1 refs
1 vs 4 team 3 refs
2 vs 3 team 1 refs
3 vs 4 team 2 refs
1 vs 2 team 4 refs

5 team pool

1 vs 5 team 3 refs
2 vs 4 team 1 refs
3 vs 5 team 2 refs
1 vs 4 team 5 refs
2 vs 3 team 4 refs
4 vs 5 team 3 refs
1 vs 3 team 2 refs
2 vs 5 team 1 refs
3 vs 4 team 5 refs
1 vs 2 team 4 refs

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at tournaments?

Tournaments generally consists of your team playing 3 other teams in a pool of four.

What Should we expect?

Expect early mornings and long days. Single day tournaments generally last from 7am until 2pm or later. Some tournaments and divisions will require a crossover match or bracket playoffs which will extend the day.

Do we have to travel?

This depends on what your team decides. Most teams only travel locally in Southern California to Anaheim Sports Center (ASC) in near Disneyland & Momentous Sports Center (MSC) in Irvine. Some teams may opt to travel for other tournaments.

Where do we Play?

Locations vary based on the tournaments. Click Here for a list of locations used for tournaments.

How Many games do we play?

Teams play a minimum of 3 matches a tournament. Each match generally lasts an hour. Your team will have to ref 1 match as well as have 1 scheduled break within your pool. If there are playoffs or crossover matches you will play them and if you lose you may have to ref the following match.

How about playing time?

Playing time is determined by the coach. Players are encouraged to discuss any concerns about playing time with their coach before a parent gets involved.

How do the results of a tournament affect our team?

Depending on how your team finishes in their pool will determine how they will be seeded for their next tournament. Results affect ranking in SCVA overall and can be viewed here.

Additional Information

Additional information can be found on the SCVA website.

Still Have Questions?

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