JUMP Start Clinics

Jump Start Clinics are held in the Beckman High School Gymnasium for kids in grades 4th-8th.  Stay tuned for upcoming clinics to be announced later this Summer or Fall by joining our email list below to receive updates.

Cost is just $20!

The goal of our clinics is to teach kids the fundamental skills of the sport while fostering a passion for it. Each clinic will be tailored to the skill level of the group that participates. The primary skills that will be taught are:

Serving - This skill requires a certain level of strength and technique to achieve. We encourage kids to learn how to overhand serve but understand if the power is not there to also teach underhand. Serving is an individual skill meaning a player has full control in their ability to put a ball in play and should take pride in their ability to do so.

Passing - Ball control is invaluable to a team's success and we believe every athlete should take deep pride in this skill. We work diligently on our footwork, our platform and our understanding of passing alot to develop outstanding volleyball players.

Setting - Setting is skill all players should be proficient at. We demonstrate proper technique using their hand and how to establish a good base with your feet to set up your teammates for success!

Hitting - Most players find this skill to be the most fun. We agree and our focus is to make sure an athlete can do it for a long time. Our focus is on proper technique, strength training and consistency so we keep the ball in prevent injuries. Hitting incorrectly can lead to many problems in the future and we want to avoid those!

Blocking - Though many kids may not utilize blocking at their age it is important to introduce them to the concept. By teaching them how to block we teach them how to transition off the net which is vital to apply proper approach and hitting techniques thus it is a skill not to be overlooked.


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